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This index includes species recently reclassified in Malva by Martin Forbes Ray, but described within The Lavatera Pages.

Species: Malva aegyptia, Malva aethiopica, Malva alcea, Malva arborea, Malva assurgentiflora, Malva canariensis, Malva cretica, Malva durieui, Malva hispanica, Malva linnaei, Malva moschata, Malva neglecta, Malva nicaeensis, Malva parviflora, Malva preissiana, Malva pseudolavatera, Malva pusilla, Malva sylvestris, Malva tournefortiana, Malva trifida, Malva verticillata, Malva vidali, Malva wigandii


Infraspecific taxa:

Vernacular names:



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