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Revision of some Polypetalous Genera and Orders
by Asa Gray…
from Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vol 22.

Transcriber's Preface

These pages are a transcription of the text of those pages of Asa Gray's Revision of some Polypetalous Genera and Orders, from the 22nd Volume of the Proceedings for the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (published in 1887) which relate to the angiosperm family Malvaceae, i.e. pp. 285-306, as corrected according to the emendata of page 314 therein. This is normally cited as "Gray, Proc Am. Acad. xxii. 285-306".

In Gray's work the family is divided into Malvaceae, Cheiranthodendreae and Tiliaceae.

The overlapping page numbers for differing genera are a consequence of the presence of multi-page footnotes in the original work.

The notation and terminology used in the work differ from current practice in a number of ways: the taxonomic rank of order used in the work corresponds to the rank of family; and that of cohort to that of order; the names of families consistently end in -aceae; and thoses of subtribes in -inae; ae- and oe-ligatures are not now used in botanical names; species epithets are now never capitalised, even when based on a proper noun; and the name of the authority is no longer separated from a binomial by a comma. Where known to me, other deviations from modern usage, and points where the current understanding of the facts differs from that of the time of writing, are explicated in footnotes.

  • Malvaceae (p. 285)
  •     Sidalcea Gray. (pp. 286-8)
  •     Malvastrum Gray and Sphaeralcea St. Hil.(pp. 287-94)
  •     Meliphlea Zucc. (pp. 289-91)
  •     Modiola Moench. (p. 292)
  •     Sida L. (pp. 293-5)
  •     Bastardia HBK. (pp. 295-6)
  •     Gaya HBK (p. 296)
  •     Horsfordia Gray (pp. 296-7)
  •     Anoda Cav. (pp. 297-300)
  •     Abutilon Tourn. (pp. 298-302)
  •     Kosteletzkya Presl (p. 314)
  •     Hibiscus L. (pp. 302-3)
  • Cheiranthodendrendreae (p. 303)
  •     Cheiranthodendron Larreat. (pp. 303-4)
  •     Fremontia Torr. (pp. 304-5)
  • Tiliaceae
  •     Tilia L. (p. 305)
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